W-DESIGN logója
W-DESIGN logója

Full website creation and design implementation


Discover my creative design services!
Creation of websites, web design, web and print design, image design and animation in one place. Professional solutions to make your business stand out in the digital space.

Onepage bemutató üzleti weboldal készítés

Creating a website

Design planning, content uploading, SEO settings, speed optimization, content production and maintenance

Webes tervezés

Web design

Web store design, banner design, e-mail signature, Facebook banner, profile and cover image design

Nyomdai tervezés, logótervezés

Printing design

Brochure, poster, flyer, business card, envelope, stationery, folder, coupon design and wedding package


Identity planning

Logo design, redraw (vectorization) of the logo, small, medium and large image package design



2D logo animations from a given format, creation of infographic scenes and animated short films based on a script.


I have extensive software knowledge, including graphic programs, video editing and the use of web systems.



I am László Várdai, a passionate employee and graphic designer. For more than fifteen years now, I have been exploring the labyrinths of the graphic world, discovering and creating websites, multimedia content and graphics. With the experience and enthusiasm accumulated over the years, I strive to ensure that all my work represents value and quality.

László Várdai

Graphic designer, web designer

I design as if it were my own!

What awaits you if you want to work with me?

1. step
Contact me and tell me about your project!

You can contact me in several ways: by phone, e-mail, or directly on the contact form on the website. Then, after a needs assessment, I will help you define your goals and clarify your plans, as well as determine whether I am the right choice for your project.

2. step
Price offer
I will prepare a unique price offer according to the task!

After an accurate assessment of needs, I will give you a detailed price offer suitable for the task. The price offer includes a breakdown of the costs of the task, the estimated time of the tasks and the project deadline. If something still arises after receiving the quotation, it can of course be expanded. If the quotation is suitable, a contract follows, after which the project can start.

3. step
Starting work, planning

Based on the appropriate information and materials received, the design phase begins. At the defined milestones, I provide a status report on the status of the task, thus guaranteeing that the version that was envisioned will be born.

4. step
Spectacle plans are being prepared

During the graphic design, I present the final position through visual plans. This process allows the planned design elements and concepts to be clearly visible in detail. Renderings help visualize how the end result will look and give the customer the opportunity to give feedback and make changes.

5. step
The possibility of modification included in the offer

The modification option included in the offer is an important element during the planning process. This flexibility makes it possible to refine or modify the planned solutions at later stages according to the customer's needs or preferences. This makes the design process more interactive and gives the opportunity for the end result to better match the customer's ideas and expectations.

6. step
We hand over the finished work to the customer

In this phase, I make sure that all planned elements are completed and meet the customer's expectations. During the handover, I hand over the final work and ensure that it is ready for use or implementation in all respects. During the handover, I give the customer the opportunity to review the work and ask any questions or comments.


Discover the opinions of my satisfied customers!
Reliability, quality and satisfaction at the center.

Working with Laci was a really good experience. After our simple, to-the-point consultation, the material sent was almost final, requiring minimal correction. This high degree of creativity and reliability takes a lot of burden off the customer's shoulders, which is a real treasure in today's fast-paced world.

Tamás Ézsiás Mondolo Association

I met him in 2001. A friend of mine who worked at the car factory introduced it to me. At the time, I had no idea that I would meet a great person and professional who would be of great help to me in the visual field of my musical career and business. I can only recommend it to everyone!!!

Ádám Kollár Django's Pub

After a few minutes of conversation, a few days later we received a beautifully elaborated invitation, minuet and seating card design from László. He took into account the colors that echoed at our wedding, in fact that was the only stipulation we had, we left the rest to his imagination. We did well.

Enikő and János The young couple

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